Route Dª Antónia

This route, inspired by D.Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, also known as Dona Antónia, one of the great personalities in the history of this region of northern Portugal and the history of Port Wine, takes us to the prestigious Porto Ferreira wine cellar. In this space, in addition to having the privilege of sampling the famous wine, you can visit the museum room, which illustrates in detail the wine production.

At the Cais de Gaia you can relax on an esplanade, enjoy the traditional Rabelo boats or plan a visit to the stunning Douro valleys.

The Douro River is the soul of Port wine, as such, this route passes in the Miradouro of Serra do Pilar that allows to appreciate the meandering of the waters that separate Oporto and Gaia. On the way we cross the iconic Luis I bridge for two different locations.

On the way back we will continue through the Cathedral of Porto and finish the journey through typical narrow streets until arriving at Villa Mouzinho.

Route Nasoni

Nicolau Nasoni was an Italian artist and architect whose work was recognized in Portugal specially in the city of Porto. It has become one of the most influential figures of Portuguese Baroque architecture, with its original, vigorous and theatrical style.

In this way we will follow in the footsteps of Nicolau among monuments and places of obligatory visit for those who wish to know Porto.

We start with a coffee in Largo de São Domingos and right next to it we visit the Misericórdia Church. Following up the exciting Rua das Flores and through the narrow streets we find probably the most iconic work of Nasoni, the Torre dos Clérigos.The climb to its highest point by narrow stone stairs is mandatory and absolotely justified by the breathtaking view. Among many points of interest we guessed the route to the imposing Cathedral of Porto, destination that follows. As we approach the Cathedral we notice the relevance of one of the most important monuments of Portugal in which Nasoni has contributed to its grandeur.

We continue the journey by the Douro river where the fountain in the Jardim do Passeio Alegre, by Nasoni, introduces the beach and a housing area full of points of interest and leisure. At the end of the day we can relax in one of the many lounge areas in Foz and enjoy the sunset having a drink.

The return to Villa Mouzinho is made upstream while the colors of the city gradually change with the entering of the night.

Route Almeida Garrett

Almeida Garrett was a poet, a playwright, a novelist and a Portuguese politician born in the city of Porto in 1779. It was considered the forerunner of Romanticism in Portugal. Throughout his life he proved to be a true humanist and a revolutionary.

The Porto people gave his name to squares, streets, libraries, etc. These tributes to the writer draw a route through prominent places of Porto.

We start the tour up Mouzinho da Silveira Street that takes us directly to Praça Almeida Garrett, popularly known as São Bento for its proximity to the train station with the same name. From this square follow several streets full of beautiful tall and narrow buildings, with small typicall verandas. The visit to the station is mandatory and contemplate an entire history through the 20000 tiles illustrated in the main lobby.

It follows the ascent of the most charismatic avenue of Porto where the Statue of Garrett is located. Avenida dos Aliados is the heart of the city, a historical site of great events and celebrations in Porto.

In between secondary streets we will pass through the Garrett House, where the writer was born. It is a house built in the second half of the 18th century, during the urban reform of the Almada.

We continue the journey to the Crystal Palace, where the Almeida Garrett Library is located. The beautiful gardens and the magnificent view over the Douro river justify the visit to this space, where you can relax and recover energy.

The influence of the writer is notorious in Porto that honored him in different ways. To feel the city as a whole it is important to know the less touristic areas and to cross the main arteries used by the Porto inhabitants.Thus, we will go around part of the city and head towards the Casa da Música in the Rotunda da Boavista, a contemporary landmark and a concert hall with a surpassing architecture. After an optional guided tour, we made the final part of the route passing through the central Praça da República and ending at Villa Mouzinho.

Route Manoel de Oliveira

Manoel de Oliveira was a famous filmmaker born in Porto in 1908. One of his main works, “Aniki-bóbó”, was shot in the streets of the old Porto and on the banks of the Douro river.

Villa Mouzinho is located right in the heart of the city and allows us quick access to many points of interest. The first destination of this route is the Ribeira area, one of the oldest and most typical places of Porto.

After treading this zone of singular characteristics we pass by the Luis I bridge and cross the left bank of the Douro river appreciating the city in a different perspective until we arrive at the Marina Douro.

Take a moment to relax and decide whether to return to our sheltered harbor in Villa Mouzinho or to explore a little further the river as far as it meets the sea, in the Douro estuary belvedere, a place many times visited by Manoel de Oliveira which probably inspired most of his works.

Route D. Henrique

A few meters from Villa Mouzinho we stop for the first photographs in the Monument to the Infante D. Henrique and just ahead we can also appreciate the Palácio da Bolsa and visit its surprising interior.

In the middle of Ribeira area we will find the Casa do Infante, where he was born, nowadays a museum that illustrates the feats of the navigator and all the historical surroundings of his time.

We continue on a journey back in time that takes us to another museum of history, the “World of Discoveries”.

As well as the Infante, we will widen our horizons and go all the way to Anémona, on Matosinhos Beach, a monument that honors the fishing community.

During this relaxing trip along the coast we pass through several leisure áreas. If the temperature allows, take a dip in the sea. On the way back we can still stop at Praia da Luz to watch the sunset before we reach the mainland in Vila Mouzinho.

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